Game (2016-17) Position
Wrestling Free Style First
Athletic SECOND
Weighlifting SECOND
Gymnastic FOURTH
Football SIXTH
Handball THIRD
Cross Country Fourth
High Board Diving Second
Spring Board Diving -
Basketball SECOND
Vollyball FIFTH
Kabaddi SECOND
1.    39th Inter frontier Athletic championship :- 
  The 39th Inter frontier Athletic Meet 2016 from 15th July 2016 to 18th July 2016  held at Guwahati Frontier. All the frontier Participated in the athletic meet with full zeal and enthusiasm.A large Number of BSF players from all over India of national and International stature have participated in this sports meet. The overall team championship was given as below.

  Team Championship

Position Frontier
1st North Bengal Frontier
2nd Jammu Frontier
3rd Tripura Frontier

Best athlete of the Meet
Ct. Newton Katoky - Jammu Frontier



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