Other Program organized in Jammu Frontier BSF

 1.         CivicAction                             

 2.         Student Tour
 3.         BSF Raising Day
 4.         BSF School Function
 5.         Festival Celebration

CIVIC Action :-

             Apart from performing border guarding duties on International Border, BSF is also creating a sense of security and confidence amongst the border population by taking up a number of developmental works and assistances for border population.
             Various Developmental programs under Border area developmental program (BADP) and Civic Action programs are carried out each year by BSF Bn which includes

     Holding of Free Medical Camp

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                 Apart from performing border guarding duties BSF Jammu frontier organizes the frequent free medical camp in the remote area. These free medical checkup camps are organised in different villages by the different units and HQrs of Jammu frontier.During the camps the vallagers are examined by the team of doctors from BSF and civil hospitals. Medicines are distributed to the needy patients by the BSF.
    Student Tour. 
    Distribution of stationary and sports items to school for students.
    Polio Immunization Programs
    Construction of water tank and community hall in villages
    Providing safe drinking water supply

    Blood Donation Camp :-         Keepings its commitment of service to the nations alive, the BSF Jammu Frontier and units under the frontier organises time to time blood donation camp in the different parts of the Jammu frontier. The camps have organised by the doctors of BSF hospital with assistance of the team of doctors of civil hospital.Donors for these donation camp are the officers, SOs and others from the different units and Head Quarters of this frontier.The blood donated by BSF personnel in these camps is handed over to govt hospitals blood banks for utilization to needy patients.

    Organizing different sports events of Inter Village Level.          

                BSF also carried out the work of renovation of Primary school, community centers and road etc.Each unit deployed under Jammu Frontier on IB has adopted one border village, each in their respective area of responsibility and various works /programs will be under taken for over all development of these villages for their social and economic up-liftment.


Study tour For Kashmiri Students:-

                   Border security force, since its raising in 1965, has been guarding the nations frontier on Indo - Pak, Indo-Bangladesh and Indo-Myanmar border and ensuring security and sanctity of the borders and thus providing sense of security amongst border population. BSF also under takes many welfare and developmental projects in the remote border areas for the population living there. Providing medical care ,organizing free medical camps, adoption of villages and school, providing of stationery items to students and also constructions of community hall/Bus stand sheds and also border tracks for the benefit of border populations. Under Govt of India Civic Action programme BSF has also been organizing study tours "Bharat Darshan" for students hailing from remote border areas with aim to give an exposure of richness of Indian heritage ,



and culture industrial development and the
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progress made by the nation. During such tour students are taken to various parts and cities of the country.Study toure for kashmiri students from remote border areas are organized every year by the BSF under CPG action plan program of MHA .
                        BSF Jammu Frontier has been organizing such "Bharat Darshan" study tours for students since year 2000 and so far Frontier has sent 13 such tours to northern,central and southern states of India. A total of 495 students have been sent in the past on study tours who have been benefited of getting vast exposure of Indian heritage, culture and evelopment.                            Student tour comprises 40 student from the various school of Jammu Frontier. The student visits historical, religious, historical cultural places in different cities of India. Student also witnesses the full rehearsal of RD parade in Delhi. The main aim behind such tour was to give them opportunity to witness the culture and extreme face to their nation.

Cities Visited
Student Capacity
From To
2002-03 10 Feb 03 26 Feb 03 North-Central India Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow, Bareilly, Jalandhar. 40
2003-04 12 Jan 04 28 Jan 04 Western India Amritsar, Kurukshetra, Jaipur, Ajmer, Delhi, Jodhpur, Jalandhar 40
13 Jan 04 29 Jan 04 South India Trivandrum, Kanyakumari, Chennai, Banglore, Delhi. 40
2004-05 11 Jan 05

26 Jan 05 North-Central India Amritsar, Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Takenpur, Jhansi, Allahabad, Lucknow, Jalandhar 40
2005-06 11 Jan 06 25 Jan 06 North-Central India Amritsar,Delhi Chandigarh, Agra, Gwalior, Takenpur, Allahabad, Lucknow, Jalandhar, Moradabad 40
2006-07 13 Jan 07 25 Jan 07 North-Central India Amritsar,Bikaner,Jodhpur,Ajmer,Jaipur and Delhi. 40
2007-08 16 Jan 08 28 Jan 08 North-Central India Ahmedabad,Koteshwar Sea Shore,Delhi,Agra and Amritsar 35
2009-10 23 Nov 09 04 Dec 09 North-Central India Amritsar, Chandigarh, Agra, Gwalior, Takenpur, Allahabad, Lucknow, Jalandhar 30
2010-11 15 Jan 11 28 Jan 11 North-Central India Amritsar, Chandigarh,Mathura, Agra, Gwalior, Takenpur,Fatehpur Sikri, Jaipur,Delhi and Jallandhar 30
2011-12 17 Dec 11 27 Dec 11 North-East India First time girls student sent to BD Tour by this Ftr 40
2012-13 29 Sep 12 08 Oct 12 South India Bangluru and Ahmedabad 40
2013-14 20 Sep 13 30 Sep 13 South-East India South Bengal and Bangluru 40
2014-15 09 Oct 14 18 Oct 14 North-Central India Ahmedabad,Bhuj,Delhi,Agra,Jodhpur and Jaipur 40


BSF Raising Day :-

      Raised on 1st Dec 1965, with the primary role of guarding the International border with the then west & east pakistan, Border security Force has steadily grown ever since and today it has the distinction of being the largest Border guarding Force comprising of over 2 lacs officers, SOs and other ranks, celebrated her 48th Raising Day on 1st Dec 2013. BSF Jammu frontier has also celebrated 48th Raising Day of the force by organizing different program.Jammu Ftr has celebrated the Raising Day by organizing blood donation camp, cultural program by BSF School Children, Bada Khana and distribution of wseets to porder population both at frontier and unit level.




BSF School Function :-
    There is one BSF senior secondary school in the Frontier HQ BSF Jammu Paloura camp. This school celebrates every year its annual function. On the eve of BSF raising Day on 1st Dec, cultural program has been organized by school children . All BSF officials and family members of BSF personnels came to see the program performed by the school children.


Festival Celebration
    Being an Indian we celebrates the festivals Diwali , Holi, and Dusshara. BSF is a leading force of India. each festival is celebrated here with joy and happyness.

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